Native from Villefranche-sur-mer in the Herat of the French Riviera, little fishermen’s village located right between Nice and Monaco and facing the world famous Cap Ferrat for celebrities houses, I grow up in the valley outside Nice and the French Riviera, I started to discover the cities of the Côte d’Azur as a young boy with my parents and family and later as a teenager with my friends.

Great things to do was going to see the Nice Carnaval festivities In February, the Menton lemon festival , the Monaco palace with its guards and its Oceanic Cousteau museum, the Monte-Carlo luxurious cars, my father as a professional sport car mechanic attended Monaco Formula One Grand Prix for more then 10 years, it is only in Monaco where you can see all those sports and deluxe cars parked on the same round abound, we were also always amazed to enjoy the fabulous Monte-Carlo casino unique ambiance rubbing shoulders with super rich visitors, the Cannes film festival in May was always the time of the year to meet movie actors and actresses or French TV celebrities walking along the famous Croisette Boulevard.

Of course as a teenager I saw all those locations on a different way, more interested in dining out with friends in Monaco and Cannes, partying on the best clubs and disco’s of the French Riviera specially in Saint-Tropez, studying art and history I also went to all the museums and temporary exhibitions form Marseille to Torino and Genova that I could,

All of my students jobs in Nice were being in contact with tourists, without being really aware of this it probably focused me on that destiny since this time, for sure meeting people led my professional and personal way on being a professional tour guide today on the French Riviera,

Today when I mention my after studies first job outside of the Nice, France and far from being a tour guide on the French Riviera I always have the same full of surprise answer : ” how did you end up in Idaho?”

Alright guys, after studying corporate public relations also, I had one of the best opportunity of my life, something that I secretly always wished, to live in the United States and that meant working in Idaho for the famous Sun Valley ski resort for two years as a restaurant manager.
I loved it because it was very different from my French Riviera home place and also another exclusive, rich and famous place to be…
I grabbed the opportunity of visiting most of the west side coast and different country states as well, it was outstanding.

When I came back to Nice I had to figured out what to do next and I went back to school for one year to be graduated as a professional tour guide for France,

Then I started to work as a tour guide in different tour company and this is how I met Sophie, my associate and one of the most important person in my everyday life since 10 years now,
it was a big challenge to open a tour guide company in Nice for both of us of course but probably more for me because I was quite new in this profession before we started to run our own tour guide company on the French Riviera,

Providing private professional guided tours today for shore excursions or visitors staying in various hotels in Cannes, Monaco or Nice is obviously the greatest and most enjoyable job that suit me, as natural and sincere can be, it push me on being exceptionally great every day because my guest deserves so much coming from so far to discover our region between Monaco, Nice, Cannes and Saint Tropez,
we normally only have one day to stay in your memories for a very long time, showing you the best places around the French Riviera

We are specialized in providing private tour on the French Riviera which mean that we adjust our tours with your requests and wishes,
Since 10 years we had a lot of unique and very interesting request that we will always remember because of sharing those unique life moments with you, such as wedding, engagement, marriage proposal and less fun but still very personal going in the footsteps of the former soldiers of the world wars

We hope to see you soon on the French Riviera