Unique Private tours and shore excursions on the French Riviera

Azur Connection was created in 2007 by Sophie and Greg.

They met together in a big and faceless company where she was his boss as a private tour guide.

When she decided to leave to open her own business for deluxe private tour, she asked him if the challenge was big enough to follow her… She still doesn’t know if her beautiful daughter was the real reason but he decided to bet on a new life and to share Sophie’s 15 years’ experience of private and shore excursions with a strong desire to change the rules of sightseeing.

A real friendship was born from both and since April 16, 2007, and they have changed the way to make discover the beautiful French Riviera they come from.

What Makes the Difference from Others Private Tours ?

Sophie was born in Monaco and Greg in Nice. They know each corner, each stone, each short cut and places on the French Riviera that only local guys know.

They grand pa used to tell them old stories of Nice and the Riviera and they grew up with gigallas, olive oil and a real love for knowing their roots.

They learned in their past company everything you should not do when people trust you to show them your city and your country in a private tour or shore excursion.

That’s s the reason why Sophie and Greg chose to be your best friend and not only a guide, as soon as you get in the car with them for your private tour.  Not a customer, not a name, not a simple family, NO… Friends, good friends for a private and unique promenade.

Discover The French Riviera with friends in a private tour, takes a different color than if you do it with a formal guide in a formal tour.

Greg Ridao

Native from Villefranche-sur-mer, little fishermen's village located right between Nice and Monaco and facing the Cap Ferrat.
I grow up in the valley outside Nice and the French Riviera.

About Greg

Providing private professional guided tours today is obviously the greatest and most enjoyable job that suit me.

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Sophie Rava

Hey guys, I am 53 and I am a private tour guide born in Monaco.
My parents decided to move to Nice, the worst idea they could have!!
Avoiding me to meet the Prince!

About Sophie

I could write so many reasons to make you share my real passion for my job!

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French Riviera Private Tour

No matter if you stay few hours in a shore excursion or few days, you will see the best of the French Riviera, in our private tour with friends from Nice and Monaco, friends and real guide !!

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